The Nicaragua Mural Project

March 2014

The Nicaragua Mural Project was the premier Abel Arts Collective project, taking place in Gigante, Nicaragua. We collaborated with Project WOO and Surf For Life, two merging nonprofits that have been building schools and community centers across Central America since 2006. In collaboration with the Gigante Youth Group and Health Committee, the AAC designed and painted a two wall mural in the village's new Community Health Center.

Partner Artist: AAC cofounder Erik Abel

Location: Community Health Center,  Gigante, Nicaragua

Partner Nonprofit: Project WOO

Funds Raised: $3990

Location Community Impact: The Community Health Center completed construction in January 2014. A community census led by Project WOO in 2011 identified access to health services as the villages' greatest need. Until now, the closest health clinic was 15 kilometers away. This clinic will provide preventive care, urgent care, and education services for 450 villagers. 

Project Community Impact: The AAC engaged with the Gigante Youth Group to design and create the mural. This group of 12 youth ages 13-19 created a lasting representation of what Gigante means to them on a critical new space in the community. 

A giant THANK YOU to our project donors:

Steve and Gina Abel
Sarah Ammerman
Kimberly Baldwin
Sarah and Micah Bell
Stella Bergman
Simon Betschart
Guy Brown
William D Cain
Lawrence J Cambra III
Matthew Christensen
Kelly H Clyde
Gavin Comstock
Bill Csellak
Fred Doss
Brent and Melissa Doster
Kate Drane

Barbara K Dutton
Philip Gomez
Jack Green
Susan and Dan Hahn
Lauren Loft
Lauren Mallenbaum
Mike and Katie McElhaney
Heather McLellan-Johnson
Jennifer Miller
Patty R Millspaugh
Christopher Mortimer
John Mucha
Jenn Perell
Nicholas Routzen
Jacqueline Rowlet
Jenny Storer
A Christy Watkins

And a special thanks to Rob and Colin at Jai Rhythm Yoga for the fundraiser event and allowing us to display all the project artwork.

And super duper legendary status goes to Tony Cruz and Brett Kirkpatrick for joining us in Nicaragua to film the project and put together a beautiful video.