The Abel Arts Collective was founded by artist Erik Abel and his wife Nellie in 2014. After several years of supporting great nonprofits through the donations of art, design, and print sales, the Abels felt they could make a bigger impact through through collaborations with an organization of their own. So they combined their passions of art, philanthropy, travel, and nature to create the Abel Arts Collective. The Abel Arts Collective  is a not for profit organization currently awaiting its 501(c)3 certification. 

                        Nellie and Erik Abel in front of the Nicaragua Mural at the Playa Gigante Health Center in 2014

                       Nellie and Erik Abel in front of the Nicaragua Mural at the Playa Gigante Health Center in 2014

Our founders

Co-Founder Nellie Abel is an Oregon native who has devoted her career to supporting environmentally-conscious and philanthropic companies. Over the last decade Nellie has served as a Branding and Marketing Specialist in the natural and organic food and energy efficiency industries. 

After one too many meetings about kilowatt hours, Nellie enrolled at Presidio Graduate School in San Francisco to pursue her deep passion of humanitarian work. While in school, Nellie joined Mercy Corps as an International Business Development Internship in Maluku, Indonesia, was the President of the International Sustainability Club, and led a group of students on a volunteer trip to Nicaragua before being awarded her MBA in Sustainable Business Management with a focus in nonprofit-for profit in 2012. 

Now the brains behind the biz, Nellie makes sure their plates are always full with fun and creative projects that have a positive influence on our planet. 

Co-Founder Erik Abel is an internationally recognized artist from Ventura, CA. From a young age Erik knew what he wanted to do when he grew up - surf and create art. Abel's ocean-inspired art is recognized by his distinct waves,  bold colors, graphic style, and organic patterns. Abel is the artist behind the 2012 and 2014 Reef Hawaiian artwork. His other commercial clients include Billabong, Patagonia, Save the Waves, Blue Moon, Sector 9, and Pottery Barn.  He has shown in galleries around the world and his original artwork is currently featured in the Wyland galleries in Hawaii. 

When he's not creating art, Abel's happiest exploring the world and surfing his brains out. 


we believe

  • People everywhere should have the opportunity to create and experience art, especially children
  • Art has the power to transform buildings, neighborhoods, and people
  • Public art represents what is meaningful to a community - the past that has influenced the present, the future they are working towards, the environment, and the culture
  • The act of creating art is expression at its finest - therapeutic, joyful, and inspiring
  • We do our best when we work together